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Our Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Trinidad is Open

If you are a recreational cannabis customer, you will find everything you need from the cannabis menu of our Trinidad dispensary. In one of the most opulent cannabis marketplaces in the nation, NuVue has become a well-recognized brand and a favorite of locals and regular travelers through our mountain pass community.

Cannabis customers can rest assured that each product on the cannabis menu is tested and of the highest quality for your needs, you can count on a vast selection of delicious, fun, and inspiring cannabis products to choose from. Of course, our recreational customers enjoy our impeccable high quality, welcoming atmosphere, and knowledgable team of Budtenders. 

Edibles, Concentrates, Pre-Rolls, Topicals, Oils, & Flower

  • Edibles
    • NuVue Trinidad has an incredible collection of edibles. It’s our second biggest menu category. You will find chocolates and brownies, drink mixes and lemonades, gummies and candies, capsules, and oils to cook with. There are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free treats. Whatever you or your friends are craving, you can find it in our edible section or make it at home with infused cooking oils.
      • Gummies
      • Chocolates
      • Beverages
      • Edible Oils
      • Capsules
  • Concentrates
    • Concentrates are extracts of cannabis plant material made into an oil that that is served in a variety of textures, from smooth and creamy to glass-like. Extracts range from full-spectrum cannabis oil to isolates, including everything from bubble hash to budder and shatter. Concentrates are typically used for dabbing but are really quite diverse in their applications.
      • Shatter
      • Live Resin
      • Sauce
      • Distillate
      • Dry Sift
  • Pre-Rolls
    • Pre-rolls are cannabis flower broken up and rolled into joints or blunts for you. You can buy just one for a pleasant walk or a whole pack to enjoy a party or weekend on the go. Pre-rolls are great for anyone who is very busy or who may have difficulty rolling and packing their own joints. Pre-rolls typically come in cones, but you can also find them in straight paper joints and the occasional commercial blunt.
  • Topicals
    • Topicals infuse cannabis oil into lotions or tinctures. Sports recovery, joint relief, moisturization, and skin soothing are all ways to use cannabis topicals. Here at NuVue Pharma Dispensary in Trinidad, we have a great collection of cannabis bath bombs and salts in addition to sports relief lotion.
  • Oils
    • Cannabis oils for vaping come in carts or cartridges. These little glass capsules of golden oil are a clean, crisp way to enjoy cannabis that leaves very little odor or residue. Carts typically are designed with a 510 battery thread that can connect to any rechargeable vape pen or mod box. You will also find proprietary brand carts like AiroPro at NuVue if you have an Airo device, if not we have those too!
  • Flower
    • The cannabis flower is the classic, beautiful, green leafy buds we have loved since the dawn of the cannabis culture. You will find a beautiful, fragrant, and full-experience selection of cannabis flowers at the Trinidad NuVue dispensary.

Meet Our Knowledgeable & Friendly Budtenders

Come by the Nuvue Trinidad cannabis dispensary to meet our friendly budtenders and explore the best cannabis products for your desired experience. Our budtenders understand the delicate balance between strain, strength, and the method through which you enjoy your cannabis and can guide you to the best flower, concentrates, or edibles for the weekend you’d like.

If you put together an order online through our cannabis products menu, our budtenders will hand-select your order and have it ready to pick up when you arrive.

Enjoy Our Daily Deals At NuVue Pharma in Trinidad

Don’t forget to catch our daily deals! NuVue Dispensary in Trinidad has deals every day, and there’s always a fun way to save. Swing by for Wax Wednesdays or Shatterday Saturdays. Come by in the morning for our Wake ‘n’ Bake special on joints or late at night for the Midnight Toker deals. We always love to see a returning regular or to meet a new face. Enjoy our cannabis menu online or join us in person at the Trinidad NuVue dispensary.