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Picture of flag with tags for medical marijuana for veterans.

Medical Marijuana and Veterans

Medical Marijuana and Veterans An estimated 20% of American veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. A common statistic that we hear is 22: that’s the daily average

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The Cannabis Car. Picture of Mazda Miata whose body is made solely with hemp.

The Cannabis Car

This sports car looks like a Mazda Miata, all except for the door panel of George Washington smoking a joint. The prototype for the “greenest

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Cannabis for Kids

In this 20 minute documentary, by National Geographic, we see the medical benefits some children are seeing from cannabis. The video is hard to watch,

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Picture of germinating seeds for section genetics selection of medical marijuana.

Genetic Selection

We want to take you along for the journey as NuVue Pharma begins to sprout and grow roots in Pueblo, Colorado. Follow us here as

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Our marijuana dispensary in Pueblo Colorado is officially open.

We’re Open

NuVue Pharma is officially open. We are so excited to welcome you to NuVue Pharma’s medical dispensary. Come check us out at 4740 Dillon Drive

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A Pot Science Haven?

As science seeks to unlock the many mysteries and secrets of marijuana, Dr. Malik Hasan, the neurologist who built the QualMed health maintenance organization in

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