If you follow this blog, you know that we have been tracking NuVue’s growth alongside the growth of our plants. Our last post in the seed-to-harvest series examined light cycles for both indoor and outdoor marijuana plants.

Light cycles are critical in triggering flowering, or bud production. Manipulation of the length of a plant’s day and night controls the direction in which marijuana plants are growing.  At NuVue, as with most other marijuana gardens, we take our little seedlings or our little clones and we put them into a space designed for optimally vegetative growth.

Often referred to as “veg,” this necessary state of growth is one in which pot plants are focusing all of their energy on growing longer branches, bigger leaves, and just generally growing out and up. Cannabis nutrients consist of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. A grower’s nutrient mix is a special recipe, but typically growers utilize nutrients high in nitrogen during this stage.

How do you know when a plant is done with the vegetative stage and ready to move into flower?

This answer is totally dependent on a grower’s space, desired plant count, time frame, and other factors including a specific strain’s characteristics. A plant is ready to go into flower when it is just about as big as you want it to be. Changing to a critical photoperiod of 12/12 or 13/11 (confused? you really should have read this post) signals a hormonal change in marijuana plants that shifts their focus.

Cannabis plants in a critical flowering photoperiod put their energy towards blooming, the production of the resinous, THC and CBD-laden buds. A grower’s bloom mix will typically be higher in phosphorous and potassium. Different strains have different flowering times, which is the amount of time it will take for buds to form and ripen to maturity. Indica and Indica-dominant plants have a shorter flowering time—Hash Plant has a flowering time of around 5 and a half weeks—while Sativa and Sativa-dominant plants have a longer flowering time—Durban Poison is around eight weeks.

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