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NuVue Pharma is dedicated to producing the highest quality, consistent extractions, by focusing on retaining terpenes while increasing yields using our state of the art technology and proprietary extraction processes.

Our dedication is seen in our finished product line – Rocky Mountain Extracts.

Live Resin

Live Resin sets itself apart from other concentrates with its high terpene content, which is achieved by cryogenically freezing the whole plant immediately after harvest. This allows for maximum preservation of terpenes which would normally be lost as the plant dries. Our team finishes Live Resin in either a sugar or budder texture.

Picture of RMExtracts Live Resin for BOGO Special Deal at Cannabis Store.
Picture of Royal Jelly made at NuVue Pharma.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly starts off as Live Resin, but the process is slightly different once the concentrate is harvested from the machine it undergoes a slow purge allowing the product to partially crystalize and separate from the sauce. Once the crystals and sauce are mostly separated the team mixed them back together for a combination of optimal terpene delightfulness and texture.

Terp Sauce

Terp Sauce is created using the same initial process as Live Resin and Royal Jelly. A low temperature, slow purge allows for the sauce to separate from the crystals, leaving behind a product that is highly concentrated in terpenes. Expect to see THC percentage ranging from 40 – 60%, as this product is more focused on flavor.

Picture of Terp Sauce and THCa crystals.
THCA and CBD Crystalline - product from extraction.

THCa Crystals

Tetrahydrocannabolic Acid, is the biosynthetic precursor to THC. We are able to separate the crystals by applying low temperatures and a slow purge process. As the crystals form, all components excluding THCa are removed, leaving a potent and pure product. THCa is suggested to provide anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective, anti-anemic, and anti-proliferative properties.

About Our Extraction Team


The extraction team at NuVue is comprised of professionals, chemists, concentrate gurus, and industry thought leaders dedicated to developing and perfecting the finest concentrates and oil blends.

Our team is dedicated to raising the standard. RM extractions are strain specific, effective, and refined to the highest possible purity while guaranteeing maximum cannabinoid content and terpenoid content.

Currently our product line includes vapor cartridges, disposable vapor pens, live resin, and an assortment of other concentrates. Our lab has the capability to perform butane, CO2, and ethanol extractions.

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