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NuVue Pharma - A Doctor's Vision

Founded in 2015 by Neurologist Malik M. Hasan, NuVue Pharma is dedicated to providing quality cannabis products, while investing in research and development to further unlock the treasure trove of molecules existing in cannabis. The video below provides a brief orientation of NuVue Pharma, filmed in the Spring of 2017 by Miguel Ali.

Our Logo

Our logo pays homage to one of the earliest known references to cannabis, a hieroglyph of the ancient Egyptian Goddess, Seshat. The hieroglyph found in the Amun Temple at Luxor depicts Seshat with what is believed to be a hemp leaf above her head and dates from around 1250BCE.

Our design began with the hieroglyph as inspiration and was refined down to just the leaf above Seshat’s head.┬áThe original version of our logo replaced the inverted horn shape above the leaf with a crescent moon.

As part of her role as Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge, Seshat was recognized as a lunar goddess and linked to astronomy. This was one reason we made the transformation from horns to the crescent in our original logo design. Additionally, the inverted horns are believed to be a representation of a moon at the completion of a thirty day cycle. The moon was extremely important in ancient Egyptian culture and the cycles were central to the organization and timing of both civil and religious ceremonies.

In the summer of 2017 we updated our logo to have a softer feeling to it. The new design features a rounder flower, with the true “seven points” from the hieroglyph. These seven points are said to reference the sun, moon, and five planets visible by the naked eye:┬áVenus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. And the crescent moon reverted to the more authentic horns. And for the final touch we changed the font to better embody the Egyptian influence.

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